The Author:

Harald Crispin Andersson

Harald Crispin AnderssonHarald Crispin Andersson was a recluse who, until recently, had lived all his life in his little cottage way far back in the Great Deep Dark Black Forest. We still don’t know what persuaded him to come out, but we’ll find out!

When Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost was first published, Harald left his foresty home for the first time in his life, traveling to visit and celebrate with some new friends in Italy. He had a great time there, even getting a little chubby enjoying his first-ever tastes of pasta and gelato (pistachio, of course).

He keeps having frequent spells of dizziness and amazement at how just how very many people there are in the world, and those fast, fast cars…and aeroplanes – oh my!

Now that The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic is written and published, he’s on his way Down Under, to New Zealand and to Australia, where he says he can’t wait to meet the “Original” People. “Maybe if I go on Walkabout with them, I’ll drop these gelato pounds and get back to being wood-chopping strong and fit!” he says.

He says that he’s pretty sure he’s no relation to the venerable Hans Christian, but we think maybe he’s just being modest….


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