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To all the people who have made such wonderful comments – thank you!

kids-run-72-2h-5This Twisted Old Tales series is sure to be a hit with today’s sophisticated, tech-savvy young reader.  The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic builds on a classic tale, and offers just the right balance of scary and exciting, with the kind of sly humor kids love. The story is wrapped in a visual feast of Angela Treat Lyon’s rich, vibrant artwork. On a deeper level, the story supports self-esteem and offers tools to deal with the problem of bullying. I am so happy to recommend this book, and I can’t wait to share it with my grandchildren!
~ Jillian Coleman Wheeler, Writer, JillianColemanWheeler.com

“In Twisted Old Tale Book #2, The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic, Harald Crispin Andersson once again breathes new life back into old fairy tales with his modern quirky twist – you can almost hear and feel the ‘child chatter’ in the story line. I downloaded it onto my iPad into iBooks it look beautiful, even enlarging them there is no pixelating images. The illustrations are vibrant and full of detail – you are compelled to gaze at them. Can’t wait to read the next book!
~ Lillian Bell – Author of Zach’s Adventures, LillianBellBooks.com

wolf-howls-72-3h-5“5 stars for The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic  is so captivating and exciting that it had me gripped right from the beginning. As a grandmother, I will buy it for my grandchildren, and I am sure my children will be equally delighted with the offering. The writing is descriptive, the dialogue very real and the vivid illustrations delightful. Your child will become totally engrossed in this imaginary world. I love it that the book helps parents introduce the very relevant topic of bullying in a real way.”
~ Margaret Reece, Writer, Editor

“Once again, as with Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost, the illustrations are marvelous.  They serve to lighten up the characters in what might otherwise be too scary a tale for young readers.

I’m not sure that we, as readers, fully trust the Big Bad Wolf yet, at least until he actually helps locate and recapture the Dark One. However, we all must be happy, as surely the three little pigs, Peter, the little boy who cried wolf and all the others who have been victimized by the Big Bad Wolf through the ages will be, that he was caught, and stopped from pursuing his bullying ways. We hope he is now remorseful and has actually been taught the error of his ways, and will actually turn out to be a friend – but we will have to wait for Part Two of this new twisted series to find out for certain.

The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic provides a good lesson for young readers when characters who are so different, and who are usually natural enemies, can work together toward a common goal.  Let’s hope we’re not disappointed in Book #3!”
~ Thomas H. Belknap, Attorney, doting Grandpa

I found these books absolutely delightful. The colourful ‘other-worldly’ artwork and audio took me into another realm where mystery and magic abound. Their thought provoking themes provided a perfect treat and I’m sure children of all ages will enjoy them.
~ Jo Peace, EFT Tapping Trainer & Energy Medicine Specialist, PeaceEFT.com

Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost is obviously a take-off on Hansel and Gretel, but with much more charm. Wonderful paintings. Good work. I like it! Will get one for my great-grandchildren who are 5 and 8. Your paintings in the book are wonderful – tremendous feeling of the story.”
~ Joan Volberg

“I can’t wait to read it to my grandkids and see their faces light up when they see the beautiful illustrations in Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost. It draws you in and you can’t wait to turn the next page.”
~ Rebecca Marina, Spiritual Advisor

“First of all, I love all of Angela Treat Lyon’s artwork whether it’s the various styles of her wonderful paintings or her powerful sculptures. Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost is a departure from her other art I have seen, but she has done a great job of capturing the twisted tale as the turns taken keep you guessing which way the story is going and her art work underscores the story perfectly!”
~ Carole Isis, Singer/Songwriter, IsisSongs.com

“The vibrant colors in these books make my heart sing.”
~ Pamela Maloney, PhD., Radiant Living Specialist, PamelaMaloney.com

“Wonderful! Just when I thought I had read it all, another page grips me!”
~ Rehana Webster, International Trauma Specialist, TraumaBusterTechnique.com

Hralyn and Griffyn“I just read your delightful book, Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost. The feeling that Hansel & Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood are vindicated is rewarding, and is particularly nice if you grew up reading Grimm’s and the other fairy tales that are all so dark. The illustrations are wonderful, as I expected, and are perfect for the story.”
~ Thomas H. Belknap, Attorney, doting Grandpa

Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost is a page-turner – I never suspected the story would end up like that!”
~ Beth K. Arnold, Peace in Being Transformational Advisor

“Angela Treat Lyon hits it out of the park, again. For those of you who know her artwork, this is masterful – fresh, accomplished and exciting for adults and kids, alike. For those of you who know her EFT experience, enthusiasm and courage, you’ll see that reflected in this liberated Hansel & Gretel that is definitely going…somewhere else! It’s a fairy tale and a mystery and a sign of things to come – yet another mystery is set up! And (I can’t help myself here :) if you’re looking for books to use as launch pads for tapping with children, this one can easily be used to talk about our fears, about taking action, and through that, realizing our power. And of course, you get to laugh, too, which is the best part, isn’t it?”
~ Jondi Whitis, EFT Tapping Expert, EFT4Results.com

“I think the illustrations in Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost are superb. The drawings are inviting and memorable, their colors are glowingly brilliant, and page-after-page they’re great fun to look at. I just love them.”
~ Mark Hopkins

Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost is visually fantastic. The colors are lush and beautiful. Children and adults will love the illustrations – they are wonderful.”
~ Margie Yamamoto, childrens’ book collector

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