Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost Coloring Books!

We just hit publish on the 3 coloring books for Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost! We’ll announce it when the links are ready for you to get the books. We’ve never done a coloring book before – much less three … Continue reading →

Harlyn and Griffyn: Reviews & Cookies

The cookies

Today we got three gushing reviews. That made us feel really good. They loved the illustrations, thought the story was “quirky and fun,” and “couldn’t wait to show it to their grandkids.” Thank you thank you thank you – after … Continue reading →

Harlyn and Griffyn: Reviews Come In

Wow, people are really liking the book. Whew! We were sweating bullets! They like how the story isn’t as gruesome as the original Hansel and Gretel stories were – still scary, but not gruesome. And the feedback on the illustrations … Continue reading →

Harlyn and Griffyn: Reviews

Lost and Scared!

We sent out a query today, March 13, 2015, to a few friends and professional editors for reviews. Hope people love the book as much as we do, and that their feedback is kind! Here’s one of the illustrations from … Continue reading →