Twisted Old Tales

Old Tales with a New Twist

char-papa-ollie-3h-72Ah hah! You’ve found the home of old tales, fables, legends and stories taken and twisted by author Harald Crispin Andersson into exciting new forms with brand new characters, new strange plot twists, relationships, and color-saturated countrysides.

Here you’ll find Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost, The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic and later on, Little Red Riding Hoodie, The Princess and the Pearl of Many Colors, and more to come.

These are scary-fun stories with strange but lovable characters, families and critters, suspenseful scenes in dark, scary places, and surprises set in lush, color-saturated settings.

The illustrations are glowingly brilliant, inviting and memorable; and page-after-page they’re great fun to look at. The colors are lush and beautiful.

“Children and adults will love the illustrations – they are wonderful.”
~ Margie Yamamoto, children’s book collector.

Life gets better when you have something to read that makes you laugh and cry and feel filled with love more and more every day.

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.
If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

~ Albert Einstein

We suggest your little ones aren’t quite ready for these – start at age 8 to 10.

char-H-and-GHow can you read the stories?

In print books, on your ipad, iphone, Kindle Reader and other devices, and of course, on your computer.

4 Ways to access the Twisted Old Tales

1. You can get them as Kindle books
2. You can get them in full-color Print books
3. You can get downloadable Ebooks
4. You can get them in Audio-Books
5. And you can even get them in Coloring books!


You’ll find out how to get a free downloadable Audio MP3 Recording of Angela reading Harald and Griffyn Get Lost when you get any of the books!

Where can you buy them?

Go to the Twisted Old Tales Store!


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